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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a 12-inch PowerBook after being a Windows user my entire life. I love my new machine and am learning how things work, but I have a few questions that I haven't been able to find the answers to. I appologize if they're dumb!

1) The default setting for all folders is 'Icon.' I prefer 'List.' Is there a way to change all of them at once so I don't have to change each individual folder each time I access it?

2) When I first setup my PowerBook, I followed the instructions to charge it fully, then let it run on battery power until it shut down, and then charge it up again. But now that I'm on a power supply the meter only shows 99% full. I've tried unplugging several times, but it won't go to 100%. Any ideas why?

3) On Safari I have enabled pop-up blocking. On some sites I click a link, but that particular pop-up will be blocked. How do I override the blocker? (on my old Windows machine I just did a ctrl+click. Is there something similiar on the Mac?)

4) After installing AIM and Office for Mac, the applications were automatically added to my dock. However, sometimes I'll open something, like a preview, and that will show up in the dock and it won't let me remove it. It only goes away after restarting. How do I get rid of it without restarting? (and yes, I've tried dragging it to the trash or just dragging it to the desktop, but it doesn't seem to want to leave the dock!).

4.5) I've also moved things to the dock (like Documents), but then it will disappear after restarting. How do I permanently move things to the dock?

5) On AOL Instant Messenger my buddies who use AOL are showing up by their full name instead of their screen name. I can't figure out how to show the screen name. Any ideas on how to do this?

This is all for now. Thanks in advance for your help (and patience since I'm sure there are 'dumb' questions!)
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