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Originally Posted by pigoo3 View Post
Hey...great to hear that you're giving another Mac-mini a shot...and doing it relatively so soon!

As far as customizing. Yes both your Windows computer & the Mac-mini may have been running your 24" monitor at 1920 x 1080...but maybe the default text & icon size is smaller on the Mac than on the Windows computer you were using these items look smaller on the Mac.

As mentioned in other threads...don't try switching to the Mac OS...but still try to "morph" the Mac OS into the Windows OS you're used to! Similar functions may exist in the Mac OS...and then sometimes they are just different. It's the same "deal" if someone was trying to switch from the Mac OS to Windows. Some things are just different.

But here's some ideas to try to help you customize things a little more to your liking:

- as far as the size of text & icons on the desktop...go to the "Finder" aka "The Desktop". Go to the "View" drop down menu...and choose "Show View Options". This allows you to set the size of text & icons on the desktop.

- regarding Safari. There are two things you can do:

1. Go to the "View" drop down menu...and then click on "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" to change the size of of things. I think that this only works for the page you are currently in...but if you continue to navigate on that page it will stay zoomed. But if you have 10 Safari pages open...the other 9 will not be zoomed.

2. Go to the Safari Preferences (Safari drop down menu)...once you have the Safari Preferences on "Advanced". Click/check on the box that says "Never Use Fonts Smaller than"...and then enter the size you prefer.

Hope this helps,

- Nick
Thanks for the prompt response, I am finding some things in OS X which I already prefer like lists of my docs from the folder on my desktop. I like the way they expand up and sideways. I have found dropping the resolution brings everything up to the size I can comfortably use though as I said I'm not sure if I'm losing any PQ or brightness by doing so? You mention Safari, did you mean that or Firefox as I said I was using Firefox. I'm not keen on Safari and I wasn't keen on it in Windows either. The method of displaying bookmarks annoys me greatly.
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