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I have bitten the bullet and decided to give Apple another chance after my first foray into the world of Apple ended in disaster, see HERE. I purchased another Mac Mini today and touch wood this one appears to be OK. I can only come to the conclusion that the first one I purchased was definitely faulty, possibly faulty graphics.

I am determined to give OS X my best shot and have spent the afternoon trying to personalise it and make it more my liking. Whether I ultimately succeed is anyone's guess as I really did/do like Windows 7.

What I would like some advice about is resolution on my BenQ 24" display. I'm sure that my Windows desktop ran at the the same resolution of 1920x1080 as the Mini and yet everything looks smaller on the Mini desktop and I'm struggling to see the detail. With IE there was a + and - in the bottom right hand corner which gave you a nice zoom which would remain even after full shut down and stayed that way until the user altered it again. I'm using Firefox but can't see anything like that, there is a zoom but reverts back when shut down or moving to another tab. I have dropped the screen resolution to 1600x900 which has worked but not sure if I will compromise anything by doing so and what PQ I'm losing. Anyone have any ideas without me having to use "access"
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