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Firstly I'm new to the forum so hey everyone!

Now to my issue...I own a MacBook Pro 15" which is just over a year old. On my MacBook I've got 3 usernames, myself (the admin and owner), my brother who has admin privileges and my partner.

A couple of weeks ago my computer seemed to have started developing a problem. Basically I click my username from the startup screen, input my password which it accepts, my wallpaper and programme bar across the bottom of the screen load then it kicks my out back to the startup screen again. This is every time.
Initially I tried pressing cmd, alt and esc as soon as my wallpaper came up in the hope I might be able to do something but that didn't work.

I phone Apple who advised my MacBook is now out of warranty so they couldn't help me over the phone however the calltaker was kind enough to give me this link Mac OS X 10.6 Help: Eliminating incompatible login items
As you would of seen if you've checked the link out, the calltaker thought that it was a problem with incompatible login items.
Armed with this guide I once again started up the computer, although this time in safe boot mode. The guide then states if a password is required (it was require as it loaded up to the main startup screen with all 3 usernames, it did say 'safe boot mode' though) then hold down shift whilst clicking Log In.
I did this however once the wallpaper and programme bar loaded it kicked my out again!

Now unfortunately, even on my brothers (admin) username, I still can't access any of my folders/files as it states there aren't enough privileges. I've fiddled around with the user settings etc but alas, I still cannot access any of my folders.

I've been doing some online searches and I thought it might be worthwhile creating a new administrator from scratch using the guide online about what to type into that mode when you press and hold cmd+s on the startup (I forget what it's called).
I did that, created a new administrator and essentially a new owner of the MacBook however I still could not access the files and folders on my other account.

I really am at a dead end now guys and was wodering if there's anyone that could help me out? I know I could just re-install everything but I've got some important photos and files etc that are locked away in my user account.


PS - I do believe I know the problem application. It is a programme I downloaded called BookSmart which is designed to assist people in writing books. It came from Blurb, an online publisher.
The reason I think this is because when I log in to my username (all be it for about 3 seconds) there is a question mark that comes up in the programme bar at the bottom. I had enough time to hover over it and it said 'BookSmart'

I did think of deleting this from another user but on both the other ones I can't seem to find it. sigh.
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