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I'm a linux newbie - have been wanting to check it out for a while. Love my mac, but am helping a friend configure her new laptop, so now's my chance.

I downloaded openSUSE 11.3 to my MacBookPro, whose disk drive has been broken for some time now. I want to install to her new msi cr610 laptop that shipped WITHOUT windows. I could order the box with an install disk and printed manual, but if there's any way of creating a bootable USB stick from the download I did to my mac, that would be great. I'm dying to get started!

Burning a live DVD is another option but from what I've read it sounds complicated. Plus, the download is here on my mac, so I want to avoid extra steps like having to transfer it to someone else's machine etc.

Side question: what's the pain-in-the-*** factor using Linux for someone who's not into tinkering under the hood? We just want to get the thing up and running so we can work together when I'm back in another country. Will skype work?
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