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Hello all, I need some advice please!

I have a iMac G4 PPC, which has been giving me a spot of bother recently in running Leopard.
I have had the machine for a while and recently Leopard on the HDD became corrupted (I think in the kernel(?)). I erased the internal HDD and as I had a clone of the disk on an external firewire drive I ran the machine booting from that drive. All well and good and when I had the time I would sort it out.
Anyway now that copy of Leopard seems to have stopped working.
So as I also have a MacBook (Intel) I started the G4 in target disk mode connected to the MacBook and checked there was no data left and installed Tiger on the G4 internal HDD, as this was the OS supplied with the G4. Now at least I have a functioning desktop but I want to put Leopard back on it and all the applications/data that was on it before.

Can I repair the Leopard on the firewire drive by connecting it to the MacBook and repair the permissions with a copy of 10.5.1? However i have tried upgrading Tiger to Leopard on the G4 with this disk and I get an error stating unable to verify essentials package....

Confused...I am a little....can anybody make it clearer on the best way to proceed...

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