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I did the hardware test from the apple disks, that passed.

I called up Apple support. The person on the phone made me do:

- a shutdown
- boot up with command+option+R+P keys pressed - released after three bootup chimes
- noted that the distortion does not appear on the grey screen with apple logo but only after that when the login screen appears.

Next he made me boot with the apple install disk while pressing the option key and then selecting to boot from the disk rather than the HDD. When it came to the "Choose language" screen, there was no distortion on the lcd.

Thus he suspects the problem is not in the hardware but in the software. His recommendation is to try reinstall the OS.

Before I do that, should I try upgrading/patching the graphics processor (Intel GMA 950) drivers? I cant readily find any update/patches via google though.

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