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Originally Posted by katiesh View Post
I'm not really technical, so you may need to bear with me a little bit here.

My laptop is a work one. It's linked up to the work network, and if I ever need to install anything, I have to get the IT dept to log on as an administrator to do it.

When I first got my iphone, I asked if they'd install itunes for me. I did explain how there were lots of useful podcasts which I would be using for lessons and it wasn't just for fun (which is sort of true).

The signal on my phone was really rubbish so I had to send it up to be repaired, and in the end they sent me a new one. It needed plugging into itunes to activate it, but when I tried, it turned out I needed the latest version of itunes installed to activate it, and obviously I need to be an administrator to install that. So presumably, the new phone had the latest firmware pre-loaded.

When I asked the IT dept if they'd update me, they were really mean and said no. They're not letting anyone have itunes anymore because they think we're just taking the ****, and they won't let me have my update.

I managed to activate the phone anyway using my housemate's laptop, but it means that the last back-up of my phone with all my music, apps, contacts, everything is sitting on my computer, all inaccessible and my phone is really empty.

So, having looked around, it seems that it might be possible to downgrade my iphone (it's a 3gs) so it'll work with the version of itunes I've got. I've seen a few youtube videos, but I didn't want to start doing this just in case it still wouldn't work as I don't administrator privileges and then I'd end up with a completely useless iphone.

Can anyone talk me through what I can do, please? Is it possible to get my empty iphone back to how it was?

Thanks in advance!
Only way to downgrade is to Jailbreak your phone. I have heard conflicting reports on this some people say it wont cause any problems but others have Jailbreaked and then broken their phone.

Apple say if you Jailbreak it then you will invalidate the warranty with Apple but I have spoken to Apple employees who have said "It only updates the software and doesnt affect the firmware and doesnt affect the warranty".

One thing I was told is that if you Jailbreak as soon as you resync it via your computer it goes back to Apples operating system and cancels the Jailbreak.

I havent tried doing it myself as I didnt want to risk it.
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