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Originally Posted by 6string View Post
It really depends on what you're doing as to where you will see the performance gain.
The better graphics is also part of the extra $.
Future proofing is another factor once again.
You can always upgrade the RAM and HD, where as you can't upgrade the processor or graphics chips.
For me, if money weren't an issue, also being that here in Oz it's a $600 price difference between the 2.4GHz i5 and the 2.66GHz i7, I certainly would have gone for the i7, even if I didn't need all the power that it packs.
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Yes I totally agree about future proofing; do you think that the i7 will still be a good computer, in let's say two years, or will it be obsolete? I have seen some sites that talk about a new Intel processor, but I'm not sure when that will come to notebooks. If the i7 will be a good computer for awhile, I would lean towards it. As far as what I would use it for, here is what I mainly use:

1. Internet
2. iLife
3. Final Cut Express (will buy soon)
4. VMware Fusion (maybe will do away with that at the end of the year, as I would like to get away from Microsoft altogether)

How much will the extra speed help me with these programs?
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