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So I love iBook Clamshells. I bought one not so long ago, been using it on and off for fun. Anyway I love it very much, purely because of the case. A dream of mine would be to gut a Clamshell and fit in new parts, as if the case is just.. well, an empty case to build it into. I appreciate that this has been suggested before, and that it would be no easy project at all. But I'm crazy enough to want to give it a shot. To have, I dunno, a 1 to 2 ghz setup, with 1gb of ram, an 80 to 120gb HD would just be flash inside a Clamshell case.

I am going to be able to free up $800NZD or so dollars soon (thats just under $600 USD or $600 CAD). I was thinking about putting it towards a new system but.. well, gutting a clamshell and refitting everything is an attractive idea. So a few questions:

- Is it possible at all? Could I find hardware and fit it into the Clam (obviously not just plug it in, I'd have to secure it inside the case) or is the case just too awkward?

- Would my budget be acceptable for a project like this? Could the price sky rocket because of the nature of this mod.

- Is this a bit too deep for someone like me? I've never done a lot of work inside computers before, other than plugging crap in to slots such as ram and whatnot.

Also, what are some of the challenges that I could run into. Frankly I haven't thought this through entirely, but I figured consulting a community of "Mac experts" might be a good place to start.
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