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Originally Posted by EndlessMac View Post
Any recent computer can do what you are asking but the question is how fast do you want those tasks done? Yes the i7 is faster but is that extra speed worth $400 to you? You might want to search the internet for speed benchmarks between the two processors and see if the extra speed of the i7 is worth it.

Also adding RAM doesn't make your computer run faster it only keeps it from slowing down due to not having enough RAM. You won't know if you don't have enough RAM until you use your computer for the tasks you have mentioned but as said by others you can always upgrade your RAM later.
Well, I've looked at the benchmarks, and for me, $400 extra for 10-20% better performance isn't worth it. And yes, I do understand about the RAM not making the computer run faster; here in South Korea, it's fairly inexpensive ($190 for 8GB), so I thought I would get it anyway to be on the safe side.
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