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Good call on looking for RF interference from modems, phones, etc:
But, unfortunately, when I move these to another room, same problem.

Now this setup is close to shielded audio monitors, and a power amp, and other studio hoo-ha, but it's quite typical of studio setups.

Others I've talked to kind of shrug when I raise the spectre of EMF/RF interference causing the video distortions. Though in my general ignorance of electronics, it seems to LOOK like a manifestation of a very strong magnetic or electrical wave, made visual on the monitor.

Now, when I move the vga cord at it's connection to the Apple VGA to DVI adapter, (when the video distortions are present), I can often influence (worsen, or stop) the video warbles. This is especially true with the VGA cord that came with the HP. When I switched to the VGA cord that came with the LG, there is LESS warble, when it occurs, and wiggling the plug seems to have less effect on it overall. See what I mean by Gremlins, or why my handle is GEAR HATES ME?

Seriously, electronics hate me. They are cruel to me.

So it might be an interaction problem: Let's say the mac does it's mac thing, video-wise. Maybe it's slightly out of spec, but not enough to be detected in a hardware test. Let's then say the HP is also barely compatible with the mac. Let's throw in a crappy cable, and viola! You got intermittent video noise that is hard to isolate. That's my current theory, because all the troubleshooting I've done, leaves several factors. I'm definitely going to get Apple care now, before the warranty expires, to cover the Mac end. I'm going to tinker a bit more with the environment; move my digidesign board, tower, monitor, to another location, and see if I can replicate the problem.
And I'm gonna' take the HP monitor to a service center (where a tech told me there was no diagnostic; he'll look up the warranty, request a new one, and ship mie off when it's replacement comes.
So easy, huh?

Do you really love Apple Cinema Displays? Is it worth it to fork over 800 clams for a 24" monitor? Is reliability, performance and customer service up to that price tag?

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