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Thanks BobTomay:

Yes, I tried an LG monitor (but used the vga to dvi adapter to keep conditions constant in troubleshooting the HP issue).

I agree, mismatches are a potential bomb to blow up on you. But just my luck, it seems...others do fine with any PC monitor they use.

HP is even worse than I said before, the cluster**** of trying to get them to speak and think is impossible. Bums me out. Because this particular monitor really works great, when it's NOT spazzing.

I would even consider getting a 27" apple cinema (my macstore is discounting them at 799.00, but ouch.

Hey, do YOU have any suggestions for a reasonably priced 22-24" (non-Mac) monitor with a nice mate screen and really clean graphics? The reason: I record pro audio (Pro Tools), and I am often playing a part whilst being at a distance and/ or angle from the monitor. The HP I have is quite good at providing a clear image at wide angles, and distances, without getting dark (whereas the LG is pretty much only clear when you're looking straight on.
Any suggestions appreciated! So nice to hear from somebody with some experience, and who can , you know, communicate.

PS: I'd gladly go DVI...I had no idea that HP was vga when I got it from macmall!

PPS: apparently, HP "service centers in the USA" simply take your word for it and request a replacement , no questions asked...good! because if you call good ol' india, they give you the mega runaround.
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