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Originally Posted by vansmith View Post
As per their webpage:So, if it can be done, you're not going to have an easy time. Without actually knowing about the compilation process for it, I can see it depends on GTK which will only make things harder. You'll have to have a working copy of GTK on your machine. The best chance you have is to use a package manager but it appears that neither Fink nor MacPorts have it available. One possible way though would be to bootstrap pkgsrc from the NetBSD project and install it that way but if you're new to this, I'd suggest that you don't go down that route because you'll probably spend a lot of time fighting with it (although I don't know that for sure). My suggestion would be to find a suitable Mac alternative.
Originally Posted by McYukon View Post
Hello, Welcome to M-F

First of all, I have the nagging suspicion that you are using your applications from DMG files which is only meant to store the app till it is downloaded.
How to Install Software from DMG Files on a Mac

<See Vansmiths answer>

Have you looked for other software that can do the same thing?
Some of these are a bit old, make sure you have a backup of the files you are gonna edit just in case.
Download Subs Factory for Mac - Subtitles editor. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads
Download Jubler for Mac - Edit text-based subtitles; version 4.1.3 is available through the app. MacUpdate Mac Software Downloads

i did try a few other alternatives, even those McYukon suggested. but none of them seems to have the ability to remove hearing impaired text from the sub.

guess i have to resort to buying bootcamp or parallels, and block internet connection to reduce the risk of virus all that nonsense.

anyway, still very thankful for your replies (:
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