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I'm pretty sure these 2 problems are connected.
My wife's MacBookPro stopped auto updating her podcasts about 2 weeks ago.
So today I tried to update podcasts for her (I assumed she had accidentally unsubscribed or some such sillyness), when I asked to connect to the iTunes store I got the message > 'iTunes could not connect to the iTunes store an unknown occured error occured (-2094)'
But we have no network problems and she (we) are connected to the web no problem, my MacBook connects fine, our iPods and iPhones too, so clearly her MacBook has a glitch.
In order to make sure all was up to date on hers before I went off the deep end & dug further I tried the "Software update" from the Apple menu, and I got this message > 'failed to check for updates, there was a problem communicating with the web proxy server (HTTP)', then the only option is to quit the update screen.

So I assume something has broken software / connection wise on her MacBook. As I say, she connects to the web perfectly normally and connects to networks here at home & her office totally fine, web downloads work, all 'seems' well.

Her MacBook came with whatever version of OSX was the one prior to Snow Leopard (not sure myself?), but we both upgraded to Snow Leopard months ago.

1. do we back everything up and simply reinstall the OS?
2. if so, do we use the older OS discs that came in the box, then update to Snow L afterward?
3. or (hopes!), is there a simple fix to this? or some downloadable diagnosis & fix all utility?
I've tried the disc utility and first aid repair etc, but nothing seems awry there.

all help gratefully received

I've been using Macs since 1985, this is our first OSX glitch in 10 years and I'm a bit lost, I've never had to fix an OSX issue on a Mac, they normally work hassle free!



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