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hello ya'll!. i'm kyle. and i just recently purchased a macbook pro 15inch i5 2.4ghz from apple for 1600, now before celebrating and eagerly awaits the arrival of my macbook. i need to find some answers.

1. does osx support Trim like window 7 does? i'm currently running my crucial c300 sata 6 ssd and there is no way i'm going back to traditional hdd boot drive.

2. what's a good keyboard protection cover that doesn't stand out too much and at the same time not blocking the led backlit.

3. should i get a screen protector? if yes. which one would you guys recommend?

that's all i can think of for now. much appreciated for any hints and tips. cheers!

p.s. how the heck do i get rid of the string or identification thing i need to type in every time make a reply or post.
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