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Greetings Everyone,

I am a Windows PC repair tech. I have recently started working at a place where we 6 MAC PowerPC and Intel, Leopard and Snow Leopard.

Anyways, I kind of always wanted to get a MAC (they are not cheap) now I have 6 that I need to support. I have learned already a few things however, my troubleshooting knowledge something does not transfer from the Windows Word to the MAC World.

I wiped the drive of a MAC and re-installed the OS (Snow Leopard). I also installed the Combo Udpate, then ran the updates.

The MAC was already having odd issues, like freezing, blue screen at boot up.
Per the request of the user I backed up the files and re-installed. The MAC is still acting oddly.

I already bought Disk Warrior, however, now I think that this is a hardware related issue. I just tried to install CS4 and it froze.

Are there any good "Free" (only because I can get it now) and paid hardware diagnostics (this I rather have since its supported by the vendor)?

Thank you
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