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I have a 13Alumium Unibody Macbook(2008) running Leopard.

I am currently awaiting on a new battery in the post and in the meantime I am wondering is there a way of turning it on without a battery. When i connect the charger when the battery is in, the green light on the charger connection Only barely lights up, its green but very faint. Its not a problem with the charger because i have used colleagues chargers who all do the same(barely light up)...

I have managed to turn the computer on a couple of times randomly by pressing the power switch and just hoping for the best. I have tryed pressing the random key sequences and holding them for 5 seconds and everything else that I have seen on these forums. However I havent read anything about the green light on the battery being very faint...

Each time I have got the Macbook to power on, the battery symbol on the desktop has had a 'X' where the charging sign normally is. This has happened when the battery was in and out...

Anyhelp or advice will be much appreciated, I just need a certain way of turning on the laptop. Sometimes Ive spent 10 seconds and it turned and other days nearly an hour until just giving up.. Have alot of work to do!!

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