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I just got a G5. It looks like its the last power pc mac from late 2005. It was recycled and I got it for free. Anyway, It had no hard drive so I put in a seagate 7200rpm 500 gig hard drive. I got a copy of Leopard from some guy and it would start to install and then freeze. (yes i formatted the new drive for mac os journaled). So I got 2 original Mac OS X disks. One says "Macbook..mac OS X Install DVD..version 10.5.6. And the other says Macbook Pro MAC OS X install Disc 1 ..version 10.5.2 and install disk 2.

I actually just now noticed that it says Macbook on both disks as I am writing this. So I'm going to go ahead and assume I am an idiot and that's why it doesn't work. The message that pops up is "unable to install MAC OS X on this computer".

The disk the guy burned me that freezes is also an issue. He says the OS has to be burned slower onto that disk for the g5? Is this True. Any help is appreciated.
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