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Originally Posted by Emrys
I bought an external firewire KIT and a drive seperately. I would recommend going this way, so you can use the exnlosure with any drive.

More on this later....

What do you mean by KIT?
I'll hear more later I guess...

Is there any advantage of an external Firewire hard drive interface over a USB 2.0 transfer interface?

I do a lot of motion graphic work and would be using the drive regularly for projects.

I'm still looking at external 120GB LaCie d2 USB 2.0 Hard Drive and Firewire Hard Drives... wondering if Firewire is better than the USB 2.0 interface...
...I also noticed a nice looking extrernal LaCie 160GB FireWire Hard Drive designed by F.A. Porsche for $200.

any impressions on these drive units?

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