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Yes I do have 10.3.9 fully upgraded. The system I bought has 640mb of ram in it, so I suppose its possible that one or more sticks could be bad. I did however run the full apple hardware test off the CD, and it didn't complain about the memory. Could it still be a problem.

I just zapped the PRAM, thinking perhaps a faulty setting in there could be a problem. As it stands now neither bit torrent nor firefox have crashed since I did that, but then again its only been 2 hours.

If I start to see symptoms as I have previous described what do you recommend? Id think pull the ram, and then see if the system has any problems, and if not (after a couple days) insert a stick, and see if problems return, etc. However I don't know how many sticks this machine has, with 640mb Id think like 256 built in, a 128 and another 256, but I dont even know how many slots it has (its a G4 14" iBook).

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