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You will notice a slight difference in rendering times and things if that nature. If you are worried the software being unusable, stop worrying. I have owned the 2.26 and the 2.4 13" MBPs and they both ran all of these programs with no hiccups at all. I doubt that you would be able to tell the difference in the graphics card (unless you do some gaming).

In my humble opinion you will be hard pressed to notice any difference at all. When I upgraded from the 2.26 to the 2.4, to be honest, I noticed NO improvement on FCP rendering times.

If you are really that curious about it, edit and render a small project and save the source material. When you get the 13", repeat the exact process and time it. You'll know then how much of a performance drop you have experienced. Then you can decide if the portability was worth the sacrifice.

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