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I hate to say this and will probably be banned for this ... but if you really are wanting to watch YouTube or any of the Video sites out there (ie. Hulu and the like) spend the extra $$ and go for a NetBook (1.6GHz or Better, Nvidia ION or one of the newer Dual Core Atoms)

I have had the 1.33GHz iBook G4 ( I did love that machine BTW) and it was great for mild surfing the web listening to Music on iTunes and even watching DVD's But when it comes to watching Adobe Flash ... well it leaves a lot to be desired.. the iBook will not perform well. Not only that but there are many application that will not run on G4 much less G5 Processors any more ... even to get Dvix and Xvid to work right you have to scoure the web to get an older version.

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