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Originally Posted by EndlessMac View Post
Prey? I didn't realize your Mac was hunting external hard drives. I know it's a typo but I thought it was funny though.

Anyway just wanted to let people know that Mac hard drives are not exclusive to WD. Just look for any drive that says it's formatted for Mac and you will get the same plug and play ability. Many manufacturers don't pre-format it for Macs because it will cost them more to have both a Windows and Mac version when it's pretty easy for the user to either format it for Windows or Mac.

I've actually noticed more drives being formatted as FAT32 so that it can be used on both and leave it up the user to decide if they want it solely for Mac or Windows.
Actualy ... was not a typo .... left over slang term from those of us that are geeks from the windows 95 and 98 (and gasp Millenium) erra where it was really plug and prey (that it worked)

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