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I am trying to sell my Macbook and upgrade to a Macbook pro. Before I can do this I need to back up all my information on my laptop so I will be able to restore it easily on the Macbook pro. Can someone help me out with this.

I know I need to purchase an external hard drive first. Can you guys recommend me some that work well with macs. I've been hearing that macs can only read and not write on external hard drives that are formatted NTSF. Will I need to format the external hard drive when I buy it?

Should I use time machine to back up my data or use some other method that is better?

I did a search and it looks like I have to format the external HD as FAT32. Is this going to give me 32 gigs sections in the HD? I only have ~ 90 gigs of information that I am trying to back up.
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