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So just a few days ago I noticed an extreme and rapid decline in my Macbook Pro's performance. I got the macbook in 2008 for school. Everything was working fine until a few days ago. The hard drive got completely full and things started lagging. (I deleted a lot of things since then and now have 12GB free). I am an art student so I am frequently running many programs that take up a lot of RAM such as Adobe photoshop, illustrator, etc. About 3 days ago I tried to run Illustrator and got a spinning wheel that lasted so long (about 20 minutes) that I had to restart the computer. Ever since then, everything has been running slow. Everything runs fine until I try to open a new application, then if I open a program such as itunes, I will get a spinning wheel for a few minutes before I can actually use the program. I have found that when doing certain tasks (opening a video fullscreen), the computer will freeze and I will have to restart it. I ran the program SMART utility and it said that the hard drive passed its inspection. I also ran disk utility and everything said it was fine. I have no idea why I got this extremely sudden decrease in performance. Any help would be appreciated.
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