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I'm about to buy an old ibook G4 from a colleague for 100. It's a price I can afford and Im only really looking for something to take from place to place to type on and access the internet and perhaps watch a bit of iplayer or a dvd or something...

1. thats a fair price isnt it? or should i get some sort of netbook which is up to date, lightweight and only a hundred or so more??

2. it seems to be in good working order, though a bit slow - I was thinking of messing about with it a bit and having a go at installing something more lightweight - like linux - should I try this? do others have good experiences?

3. if I dont end up installing linux cos im too lazy and all talk - which OS should I run. I think it is currently running tiger, but could run leopard. Its old -4 years.

Thanks for your advice in anticipation...Ive been using macs since I was 18 (8 years) and have always been happy (that said my emac died on me after 2 years and so did another old ibook ive had)...anyway still a fan - lord knows why after all that!

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