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Hi all,

Im a recent switcher, and since I got this thing (iBook 933MHz) I have experienced so many application crashes. Earlier today I reformatted the entire computer on my friends advice as he informed me the Kernel Panicks I saw while previously reinstalling OSX (10.3) were very rare and I should probably just reinstall. My problem however is that I am still experiencing a high rate of crashes. Firefox crashes like it is its full time job, sometimes upwards of 10+ times per day. This seems very odd to me as its rock solid on my Linux (Mandrake 10) and WinXP machines. I was willing to dismiss it as simply one program malfunctioning but then safari began crashing with the same consistency, which just doesnt seem right. Also my copy of bittorrent will just dump out and never even produce the crash-report dialog.

Does anybody have any ideas what I can do to make all this crahsing stop. its driving me crazy, my windows apps dont crash nearly this often. I have recently run the permissions repair utility, as well as the disk repair utility. No errors were reported on the disk repair, the permissions utility repaired a handful of perms.

Thanks for any help anybody's got

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