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OK - I've spent a few hours on this, this weekend and here's where I'm at...

I purchased a new HD and loaded it into the macbook, but it wouldn't fire up either...

I took the HD out again, put it into an external case and loaded snow leopard onto it from my iMac. I then used it to boot the macbook in target mode, through a firewire cable, which worked fine - so the logic board and all of that in the macbook is just fine (that's the good news).

I (optimistically) loaded the HD back into the macbook, but still nothing!

I took it back out, then noticed that the rubber stuff that holds the HD in place inside the macbook was all out of place and was blocking the HD from sitting properly in its place.

I took the rest of the casing out, straightened up all the housing and stuff and put the HD back in, but STILL nothing.

What I think this all means is that something that connects the HD to the rest of the computer is disconnected/damaged or something - I really can't see what it is and don't really quite know where to start to look, or what to look for.


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