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Hello there.

I bought a MacBook (May model) two days ago, but unfortunately haven't had the time to open it (work + university).

Anyways, a friend of mine acquired one as well just recently (a week ago), and by the looks of it, it gets dirty and it's easily scratchable, which means it's too late for him, and about time for me to get a protection against those issues, be it by knowledge (how to clean it, how to carry it, etc.) or by hardware (InCase Hardshell Case, Speck SeeThru Hard Shell Case, etc.).

So, what I humbly ask of you, are suggestions on both: how to treat my new best friend, and what protection item should I get for it.

I'm a Mac first-timer, so please bear with me while I keep digging about this beautiful world.

Thanks in advance!
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