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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum so here goes.

I have an ISP that delivers my internet service through fiber optic broadband. In this service is also a tv connection included. Now I have encountered two problems though.

My setup is a tv/cable modem from my ISP>AP extreme and AP express in extention hereof.

1) I loose more than 11GB on my connection (15GB) once it is set up wireless. How come? Is there a way of setting up the AP's, in a more steady connection than the standard setup in a manual mode? They are running the same channels etc. I did go through the standard solutions from apple but can't see the possible way to better the setup.

2) My ISP provides a tv signal through the modem either analog through antennacable or digital hd through ethernet. My idea was, instead of pulling ethernet cables through my rented home, I would rather run signal wirelessly to my AP express and pull the signal from the AP to the digital tv box provided with from my ISP. Though when I run the tv box setup, it wont connect to the loop. Is it possible that the AP Express cant run that kind of signal?

thanks for your help...
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