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Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies.

So it looks like what she is experiencing is normal, and is possible that many others will have the same set-up on their computer. (I guess I can suggest that they use Firefox to allow them to open up the docs directly.)

Thanks Bobtomay for the instructions and screen print. I will pass on that info to my client, so she can at least have better results with other file types.

Harryb2448: You said that
The links open just fine in Word
. Did you mean that you have a Mac, and you have Word installed, and you could click on the links in my test page, and get them to open up in Word directly? Or did you just click on the file icon in the 'download' folder? If you could click on the links and have Word open up with the document directly.. can you tell me what O/S, Browser Version, Word Version, and perference settings you have?

Thanks again for all your help!
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