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I HATE flash websites. If I visit a company's website and they don't have a html/xml version, I generally quit going there. Why do I dislike flash sites?

1. They're harder to navigate and impossible to indexsearch.

2. Waste bandwidth downloading stupid animated crap when it would've been faster to just give me a link.

3. Fixed width sites. Many flash designers use fixed width sites, this means they fix the width to a resoloution lower than mine and I'm forced to browse their site in half my screen or less.

4. Hover menus. I hate hover menus. I don't want to hold my mouse over your menu to find what I'm looking for. Give me a standard sitemap or something that doesn't make me waste forever finding the info.

5. Nonstandard forums/input forms etc. Because you've gone with a flash site, either you're not using a standard forum software (like vB etc) or you've had to open a different window for the forum, which breaks the continuity of your site. It's a concession that shows that the designer sees that flash is not the most efficient way to provide information or encourage interactivity.

6. Open Source. Flash is not an open source development environment. Keeping the internet open source is what keeps the costs of ownership of websites to a minimum. By trending towards non-opensource software it'll be everyone that pays for it in the end.

7. I really don't want to install macromedia software on my computers. By using a flash site you require me to install that software. I think that's highly irresponsible of any site designer to require something beyond a web browser to view the site.

8. Portables. Phones, PalmOS Devices, etc. No flash for those guys, even if they could do flash, again, I don't want the flash slowing down this device. And the impact of having to load a plug-in or other on a portable device is fairly severe. Companies who don't realize that more and more people are going to handheld web devices are shooting themselves in the foot by making flash-only sites.

In short. I HATE flash.
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