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I am a web designer, and a client of mine has a MAC. She is having problems opening up a word doc via a html link in a webpage I created for her.

Can anyone give me info on what MAC (I think she is using Safari) does when you click on a link for a word doc? Is it normal to open up the document inside of the browser window, or does it open up inside of the Word application? Is this a setting for each individual computer, or can it be controlled by the web designer? (ie: do all online viewers have the same results when clicking on the link, or is it dependent on their own computer settings?)

My clients says that when she clicks on the link, it forces her to a 'download' area, and she has to retrieve the document there? Is this normal?? Is there a way for her to change her settings so that she can just view the document right then, instead of retrieving from the download area?

If you want to try clicking on some of the links I did for a test to try different results, you can see them here: Click on any of the 5 links under the header (Word Doc Stall Order Form, Organiser Checklist, etc), and let me know if they open up in the browser window, in word application, or force you to download only.

The real problem is the forcing to the download area.. if I can just get her to be able to view the document straight way after clicking on the link that would be great.. and also find out if it is just her problem, or if everyone else will have the same problem.

Any help would be appreciated, as I don't have a MAC I can test this out on.

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