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What a weird night! I just got a last gen iMac, decided to sell my laptop since I am no longer in college. I spent the last few nights trying to get Windows installed, finally after some research I formatted the Windows partition in nfts or whatever it is and it worked. Windows crashed on me once, but after I installed some 72 updates I have not had a problem since.

Last night I was installing something, it was going to take around 5 hours to download. I had an awful migraine so I went to bed, I woke up in the middle of the night to some poltergeist type stuff. The computer had rebooted itself for some reason and was stuck on the gray screen. I thought wow, new iMac crashed already. I was not going to be able to sleep thinking it was broken, so at 4 am I went about trying to fix it.

I was able to boot into Windows but not OSX and finally I figured out I could boot to the OSX DVD. I went to the disk utility and hit verify and it went something like this...

Such and Such
2 instead of 0

Such and Such
3 instead of 15

and so on, I hit repair and it booted right up. Is this a common problem with boot camp? Should I just delete my windows partition, I don't want to be in danger of destroying the hd. I had Windows on my Macbook Pro with no problems, but I thought this was very weird. I am actually on the Windows partition now and it is working wonderfully and OSX booted up earlier fine. Never a dull moment lol.

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