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Ive been running winxp 32bit for a while now on bootcamp and everything was fine besides fan issues but for that i had used lubbo's fan control software.
Lately i decided to switch to win7 64bit version
everything was great the first days. low heats(without a fan control program), was fast etc
Some updates later of win7 it started heating a lot even when im idle.
Also i get hanged while booting, where the "_" keeps blinking then
a screen appears asking if you wanna use normal boot or so.

Im not sure if it was the updates that caused this or maybe something else i installed but i do believe its the problem.

Also noticed now even the mac os runs a bit hotter than it used to
Tried installing fan control on mac os, but it gives me a max of 3500 fan speed where it was 6000 before as far as i remember

Anyone had this issue before?
Any way i could check what went wrong or any suggestions what to do?
Thanks in advance

p.s im running macbook pro core2 duo 2,66ghz with nvidia 9400/9600 gt
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