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Originally Posted by chas_m View Post
Nobody here (including me) knows for certain. We're all just speculating.

I wouldn't expect any more storage (if that's what you meant) anytime soon; there are worldwide constraints on flash RAM caused largely by the present demand for Apple devices.

If you want the "christmastime" iPad, buy it now -- because that's the one that will be available at Christmas (only even harder to get than it is now!). Apple can't keep up with demand as it is, they do not generally update models "for the **** of it" so they will likely wait until demand drops off or competitors actually come up with something better (and again, if that's the criteria we'll ALL be waiting a long time).

The fact of the matter is that the iPad is working incredibly well, and generating incredible word of mouth right now, because ... well, because its awesome right now. As is.

Why Apple would even THINK about wrecking that with a newer model anytime soon ... it's just bizarre to even contemplate. Sounds like something MS would do in terms of shooting themselves in the foot and de-incentivizing early adopters ...

PS. If you're holding out for flash -- just give up. NA GA HA PEN.

Yep, I did mean storage. Why on earth does Apple need to be so stubborn with the flash? I'm not really "holding out" for anything, just curious.

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