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Originally Posted by tadd5181 View Post
What I read on the Parallels forum has confused me more.

A post in May says ( and I summarize a bit) “I have a Bootcamp partition. I want to use Parallels to access the partition while in Mac OS X without losing the ability to restart and go into a native version of Windows 7.” [end of quote]

An answering post on July 26 to that is as follows; ”Try this (using Parallels Desktop 5):
File -> New... -> Skip Detection -> Windows 7 -> Custom -> select Processors (probably half what you have), select RAM (probably half what you have or at least 4 GB less than your total) -> Boot Camp Partition -> select the disk and which partitions are for Windows 7 -> Shared Networking -> Virtual Machine -> select name and location.” [end of quote]

Wow…do I have to do that if all I want to do is be able to have Windows 7 where I can reboot and go to Windows or use Parallels and also be able to go to Windows7?”
You will only have to do the setup stuff like that once, when you first set up Parallels to access the bootcamp partition. All that info is needed so that Parallels will be able set up the virtual hardware. Once that is done, all you will ever have to do after that is launch the virtual machine and Windows will boot in it. It will not change anything on the ability to reboot the computer int Windows. It is just the initial setup for the virtual hardware Windows will run on in Parallels.
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