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What I read on the Parallels forum has confused me more.

A post in May says ( and I summarize a bit) “I have a Bootcamp partition. I want to use Parallels to access the partition while in Mac OS X without losing the ability to restart and go into a native version of Windows 7.” [end of quote]

An answering post on July 26 to that is as follows; ”Try this (using Parallels Desktop 5):
File -> New... -> Skip Detection -> Windows 7 -> Custom -> select Processors (probably half what you have), select RAM (probably half what you have or at least 4 GB less than your total) -> Boot Camp Partition -> select the disk and which partitions are for Windows 7 -> Shared Networking -> Virtual Machine -> select name and location.” [end of quote]

Wow…do I have to do that if all I want to do is be able to have Windows 7 where I can reboot and go to Windows or use Parallels and also be able to go to Windows7?”
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