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I too use some old legacy PC only programs. One that will never see a Mac version as the niche market is too small to justify a new version for OSX given dual and virtual booting options. These are technical/scientific datalogging programs and are very light on resource usage - storage space, ram, CPU cycles, graphics.

I looked at Win7 and it looks like an install is about 9-16 gb. And it needs lots of memory…running it virtual can have speed hits on those programs plus OSX programs in some cases. Since Win7 prefers something like 2-3 gb to feel snappy…leaving less for OSX.

My old legacy program is maybe 50 mb and the simple data files are a few hundred kb. Tiny. The virtual XP needs only ~0.5 gb of memory to feel peppy.

So I loaded XP into Parallels. I forget the size of the latter but a stripped XP is under 0.7 Gb. Some versions are much lower if you take the time to strip things away and turn off never to be used features and services.

Now I run the logger stuff in XP virtually. In it's own desktop "space". And there is zero noticeable lag or resource hogging or excess hard drive space being used. You can't tell in OSX if the virtual stuff is running. And you can't tell in virtual XP that you did not boot up in XP for real. Nice, and no blue screens and glitches.

I suggest you look at your needs to see if simpler might be better. If you just need to check your accounts and so forth Win7 has so many features, services, drivers, and resource needs that will never be used.
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