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Hello! My 5-year old iMac G5 (2 GHZ Power PC, 1.5 GB Ram, non-iSight 20" model) started freezing on Thursday. First freeze was upon waking up from sleep. Re-boots freeze on startup, but at different points in the process, but almost always after successfully getting at least as far as showing my wallpaper image.

Sometimes, the spinning beach ball of death prevents anything at all from loading. Other times, everything looks like a successful start-up, mouse moves around screen, but no application will respond.

Have run disk utility. Hard drive seems fine; disk permissions had lots of troubles but have been fixed, apparently successfully. SMART status has been verified.

I've re-installed the OS, which means 10.5.8 that was running has now been replaced with 10.5.1 from the original disks. Same symptoms.

Some programs were set to start up on Login, and several freezes seemed to happen just as Suitcase Fusion 2 or Skype or Safari were 'dancing' to indicate that they were starting up. Turned off that feature for each program involved and iMac still freezes, either before or during any attempt to launch a program. It even will freeze when opening something very simple like Address Book.

Through all this, I can reliably get the iMac working with a Safe Boot, and programs work fine in this mode. But every attempt to boot up 'normally' meets with failure at some point in the process.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help.
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