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Originally Posted by schweb View Post
Considering you violated their rules, it's their right to remove your post.

Their forum, their rules. You don't like them, you can pOst somewhere else.

And I'm pretty sure they can get much better quantified information, than from your personal poll which in no way is even statistically valid. They will only make decisions from valid data like any good business.
Wow, people seem to very defensive about this ... just about any question asked can be deemed a "poll" and hence violations -- Apple's terms of use are very open ended (intentionally). How would you suggest I post to accomplish the same end result?

I'm not trying to get anyone to make decisions from the data I gather, it's for my use -- I'm not here to decide how someone else should use whatever data I can gather (that's up to them, pretty clear in my original post on that).

I'm simply trying to find out:
1. If there is a significant problem (my testing without case indicates there could be a problem, but that is just one data point)
2. Does a case make any difference to the problem
3. Do different cases work any better or worse with the problem

This isn't really an engineering problem ... Steve Jobs made it clear he knew about the problem but for whatever reason decided it was a none-issue. I'm just trying to discover if it really is a none-issue, if not, how bad an issue, and what fixes work most effectively.

Again, this isn't about Apple and their business decision, they have to live with those not me, I'm on the consumer end.