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Originally Posted by msett
My dumb cox internet provider blocks port 80 and says no web servers. Its so stuphid. My friend and I are just trying to have small server so we can host our website for free and no popups and crap. He doesnt have apple so idisk aint an options. I think its horrible. Any other port I can use or free hosting.
Cox also isnt my favorite anymore because they dont allow outside SMTP services, oh well, im away at school so it doesnt affect me too much. I would suggest though if you are running a small site using the cox web page servers, as they are faster and more reliable than running your own. Port 80 is now blocked on most broadband providers (Verizon, Cox, Adelphia, Comcast) in most areas, so its not like Cox is the only one doing it. They blocked port 80 so that they could stem the tide of MSBlaster, CodeRed and their variants.
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