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Originally Posted by Minimalist View Post
If someone else has an iMac and an iPad and could give me an appraisal of the music sound qualities of the two, compared, it would help me judge a potential iPad purchase. It would seem bizarre to have to use an external speaker with the iPad, so I hope I need not do that. Though I see some apparently doing it with Bluetooth, etc.

The iMac speakers are quite good, even in an adjacent room. It bothers me not a bit that the iPad has speakers side by side. I never fell for the "stereo" scam that hit the lagging electronic sales market about 1958.
I have last year's MBP 13". I find the speaker sound quality excellent. In my opinion, the iPad's speaker (s) does not have great depth to it sound quality wise or loudness wise either. It sounds much better with a decent pair of earbuds.
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