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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
As harry has pointed out, you really need your Snow Leopard DVD. You can always purchase another copy of Snow Leopard. In any event....

While the machine is having problems, don't use your Time Machine backup as that will only cause more problems. The SL DVD is used to boot the machine and run FSCK (verify and repair). You did say though that you used FSCK and it repaired errors but then it could no longer do repairs.

That would lead me to believe you may have a failing hard drive. That would also cause the kernel panics. Your best bet (since you have the backup with you) is to take it into an authorized Apple repair (if there is one where you are) and have them trouble shoot it. Your Apple warranty is good world wide and if it is a bad hard drive, it will be replaced for free.

For SL disc method, would that delete my files? And how exactly should I go about using it? Like what do I do after I insert it into the computer?
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