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This problem only applies in windows 7, I'm using the 64 bit version. My GPU is overheating and causing my 2008 15 inch MBP to shut down while in windows 7. I have my nvidia drivers up to date and bootcamp 3.1. The overheating issue manifests as my screen going black and the computer no longer being on. It only has happened when playing the following:

Team fortress 2
Day of Defeat Source
Arcanum (old game, uses sprites)

It does not happen with the following games:
Warcraft III The Frozen Throne
Mount and Blade

This is very peculiar to me, especially because when I would play Fallout 3 my computer would get hot enough to burn me, but it never would power off due to overheating.

I've looked around and can not find a way to manage my GPU fan or solve this problem.
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