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Originally Posted by chscag View Post
Something is amiss here.

It appears from the screenshot you supplied that your Hard Drive is partitioned into two partitions. One is your MacIntosh HD the other states Time Machine Backups.

First: Boot Camp will not create a partition on a drive that has already been partitioned. It must be a single partitioned drive in order for it to work.

Second: Why would you want to keep your Time Machine Backups on the same drive you're backing up? What happens if that drive fails? How are you going to restore?

Are you sure you actually created a Windows 7 partition? It would not be possible using Boot Camp. (see above) Did you use Disk Utility?

Here's what I recommend... Buy an external hard drive and use it for your Time Machine backups. Erase the current Time Machine Backups partition on your hard drive and extend the MacIntosh HD to encompass the entire drive. Next, try to use Boot Camp again to create a partition for Windows 7.

Let us know.


thanks for your help! i did what you said, erasing the time machine backup disk and extending the macintosh hd. I re-ran boot camp again and re installed windows 7 and it works perfectly.
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