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there are many ways to do this actually. What amp do you have, your amp may already be capable of doing this on it's own (many are).

If your amp has a line input or an effects loop you can probably do this with no added hardware.

If you need or want to buy a third dvice there are many to choose from. a GREAT and very high quality solution is the Cafe Walter (do a search for this on whatever search engine you use).

If you're willing to spend a fair bit, the absolute best option for this is the PJB bass buddy. It's very pricey, but it's also a first class preamp, compressor, DI, and can even power a speaker on it's own (only 5W, but it's obviously a practice thing). Fantastic sound.

If both of these are too expensive and your amp has no way of doing this on it's own, I recommend an inexpensive mixer (non-powered) such as a used 5 channel yamaha from a local guitar shop.
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