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Originally Posted by Razor512 View Post
If they want to get a huge market share...
I remember reading that Steve Jobs isn't as concerned about getting the biggest market share but rather he wants to make the best product for Apple owners. In order to do that Apple needs tight control over their products by making it themselves which is the good and bad aspect of Apple. A lot of Apple products work very well together without all the driver issues and other hassles when you try to do the same on Windows machines but it does make a rather closed ecosystem. Part of the reason why Apple products work so well is that their hardware is designed with their OS in mind and vice versa for their OS unlike Microsoft who has to make their OS work on all different kinds of hardware.

It's definitely not a perfect system and I've had my disagreements with Jobs' philosophy on some products but overall it does make a more stress free experience for users because Apple knows how to solve the problems in the ecosystem interactions because they make both the hardware and software that are used together in this environment.

An example of this is my iPod Touch syncs perfectly with all my iCal calendars and all my Safari bookmarks are automatically synced along with everything in my iTunes such as podcasts, music playlists, etc. The first time I connected my Touch it was painlessly done for me without me having to do much work. Sure this is also possible with other devices but they usually aren't as efficient in doing so and usually you have to take extra steps to do so. Anyone who has tried to sync other smart phones, PDAs, etc with their Macs will know what I'm talking about and even when done only on Windows machines.

Originally Posted by the8thark View Post
If OS X or a version of it was allowed on Non-Apple machines, then Apple,s desktop/notebook sales would plummet. And Apple might even be forced to become like MS. Where they have to forgo their hardware sales and just focus on high priced software with huge margins just to stay competitive.
I was going to say something similar. I believe most of Apple's profit comes from selling their hardware while Microsoft I believe makes most of its money from software. The OS is more of a selling point for people to buy Apple hardware rather than Apple's main business. Apple doesn't charge that much for their OS in comparison to Microsoft. They can do this because the OS is not their biggest money maker. They practically gave away Snow Leopard with a $29 upgrade price.

There is too much for Apple to lose if they opened up their OS to other hardware manufacturers so I don't think it will ever happen...especially as long as Steve Jobs is there.
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