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I know there mods that can be done to install the mac os on non mac hardware but I was wondering. Will apple ever release the mac OS for non mac hardware.

there are some good programs for the mac OS but not enough to actually make me buy mac hardware (price point is too high and I like building my own systems)

If they could release the OS for non mac hardware, it would be great because when microsoft drops support for windows XP, It would be great to tri boot the mac OS and ubuntu, and windows 7 (since it should be supported for a while) then use a more modern version of windows purely for any dx11+ games that will come out.

(given microsofts track record, they like making windows more and more bloated and implementing feature from other OS in a inefficient and bloated way which further reduces performance)

This way I can avoid having windows 7 or windows 8 as my main os but still have a new windows OS for the select few games that I may run.

possible windows 8 box art
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